Art Deco mirror design commissions success

The mirror below was my first Art Deco Mirror to be commissioned from one of the Art Deco Mirror designs I had on my website.

Art Deco Mirror designs

……which was followed soon after by my second & third commissions below!!

Art Deco Mirror

The idea of featuring my designs along side my existing artifacts came about when I was loading up some pictures of my Art Deco Mirrors to the website. I realised I only had a limited selection but had so many Art Deco designs that I was mad keen to make but I was stuck without someone to commission them. It took a while for the idea of featuring the Art Deco designs on the website to occur to me and even then I was unsure it would work. It sounds like ‘a no brainer’ now but at the time it was a leap in the dark as no one else was or is doing it and I was unsure if potential buyers would see their potential & be prepared to commission them. Any way I loaded some up to the website & waited. Nothing happened for about eight months then I got my first commission and the second followed a month later!!! It was so gratifying to see it work & to be able to turn these designs into fruition and then add them to my ever increasing Art Deco Mirror Collection.

Following on from the success of my Art Deco Mirror designs I went on to add similar Gothic Mirror Designs and Classical Mirror Designs to the website. My Gothic Mirror Designs have done equally well and I’m just completing an order was for two of the Gothic Mirror designs for a beautiful Swiss manor house.

If you have or have seen an interesting Art Deco mirror you like the look of then get in touch.

Gothic Mirror with Lady of Shalott script.

I’ve just added a brand new round script mirror to my Gothic Mirror Collection. It’s a real peach with a quote from the Lady of Shalott poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) “and moving through a mirror clear that hangs before her all the year, shadows of the world appear”. The mirror is now over in Stockholm with its proud owner Lina. It’s an interesting example of what is possible when working direct with my clients.

Round Gothic Mirror - Lady of Shalott

Lina placed an order for one of my Round Temperance Script Mirror and I thought she might like to have a quote in Swedish. She like the idea & (fortunately for me!) she actually came back with a quote from the Lady of Shalott in English.

It’s always a nightmare ‘casting off’ the text to ensure it fits round a mirror without it working out too long or short. I kept the original Gothic script font but rather than have the text bordered with a simple boarder line I thought it would work better if it ran in a recessed panel with raised boarders so it visually contain the text. Lina liked the idea and you can see the results. What do you think?

I’ve now got three script mirrors in my Decorative Round Mirror Collection and would love to add a few more -especially if we can find the right quotes so I’m open to any quotes you might think appropriate. Any ideas then let me know….

Prestigious Cathedral commission design added to my Gothic Mirrors Collection.

Gothic Ogee Arched Overmantle Mirror

I’m glad to say my designs & costing for the St David Icon frame commission for a prestigious cathedral were approved this time last year and the frame & icon are now installed in the cathedral.

I liked the design so much I thought it would make a wonderful Gothic Ogee Arched Overmantle Mirror and so I have added it to my collection of Gothic Mirrors.

As the name suggests it is a Gothic style mirror with a type of arch called an Ogee and the combination of these two makes for a rather attractive mirror. The final touch is the paint & gilded leaf finish which gives it an authentic, true to period, Gothic Mirror appeal.

Exciting Cathedral commission for bespoke gothic styled icon frame.

I’ve just been asked to submit designs and costings for a Gothic styled picture frame. The frame will hold an icon of St David which still has still to be painted. If I’m successful the icon and my frame will be installed in the cathedral. I can’t mention the name of the cathedral at this point but hope to be able to at a later date.

The lady who has asked me to produce designs and costings for the icon is the artist will be painting the image of St David. We’ve not worked together before but she says she has some of my work in her house…. looks promising so watch this space!

New improved Pendulum Case Clock Collection

Looking for a large, decorative wall clock – or perhaps a pendulum wall clock? Then we, at Decorative Artefacts can help. Our hand made, hand finished, decorative case clocks are designed with and without pendulum movements and we are confident in our belief that our clocks are destined to be the antiques of the future.

For a unifying stylistic theme for my Decorative Case Clocks Collection I’ve adopted the major European decorative art movements as their inspiration. I believe this gives them their timeless appeal and a beauty that will add a note of Gothic drama or classical elegance to the decor of any room -making them an ideal gift or a wonderful, stylish focal point in any room.

Far from ever being happy with any of my work, as a craftsman and by definition a ‘perfectionist’ you’re never happy and always trying to improve on what you’ve done before. It’s one of the great benefits of making hand made pendulum clocks (and there aren’t many in this day and age!) that every time you are asked to make another case clock you have that chance to improve and refine on the last one you made. This means each pendulum wall clock goes through a process of refinement. Below you’ll see the evolution that my Little Ben pendulum clock has gone through.

Design evolution of the Little Ben pendulum clock

The other testimony to my genuine wish to improve my work is that I would welcome any views or thoughts on ways in which I may improve any of my work that you may have. There is a notable saying that ?one never designs in a vacuum’. This is self evidently true but I do feel it does not apply to me at times as I never get to see or communicate with people who buy my clocks as I have, up until now, sold my creations through galleries. I’m hoping this blog and my new website will end this isolation and provide me with a rich source of feedback on my work.

Anyway back to those Case Clocks. With the Credit Crunch slowing things down, I’ve had the opportunity to carry out a major re-styling exercise one or two of my large decorative wall clocks and one such clock is my Gothic Case pendulum wall clock -see the results below.

Design evolution of the Gothic Case clock

The Palladian Case clock is next of my large wall clocks to get the same make-over treatment. Stay posted and let me know if you have any suggestions!

Square Designer Handmade Clock

All of my clocks are handmade and finished individually, so no two clocks are the same. I offer a wide range of designer handmade clock designs and one of my most popular collections are my bespoke square gilt clocks.

Large Gold Wall Clock with Large Roman 12 inch dial

My range of square clocks make the ideal lounge, hall or kitchen clock with their clean, simple, geometric form which allows the qualities of our unique gilded finishes to be shown off to best advantage. I have a wide range of bespoke square clocks to choose from, featuring both Arabic and Roman numerals and an array of finishes, including the square gilded clock with the 12 in large roman numerals featured on the right.

Our Square Clocks with a Large Roman 12 Dial are available in a choice of three finishes:

Speckled Gold

Pastel Gold

Metallic Blue

The handmade clocks are 190cm x 190cm and retail and are available at only £70.50 each. The Square Clock with a Large Roman 12 takes two weeks for our craftsmen to create this beautiful designer clock, so if you are investing in this clock as a gift, ensure that you order in plenty of time, as this isn’t an off-the-shelf product.

You can view our range of square designer clocks by following this link: Square Designer Handmade Clocks

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