Art Deco Clocks

Art Deco Clock Collection

If you're looking for a hand made Art Deco Clock, whether it's a Deco wall clock or mantel, then I think you'll love my wonderful Art Deco Clocks Collection with all the elegance, glamour and hint of modernity associated with this wonderful decorative style

Click on any of the Art Deco clocks below for further detail:

Deco Trophy Mantle Clock
Round Top Deco Mantel
Klimt Deco Mantle Clock
Deco Crested Mantle Clock
Deco Crested Wall Clock
Chamberlain Case Clock

As a designer I'm inspired by the Art Deco's clean angular symmetry and its embracing of other decorative styles as ancient Egyptian and Aztec forms and the resulting hybrid look that's linier modern is tempered  with a of an earlier traditional.

My current collection of Art Deco decorative mantle and wall clocks is limited but if you like the quality of my work and my gilded and paint finishes but can't quite find the decorative clock you are looking for then do get in touch and let me know what you are looking for as I'd like the chance to design more Deco clocks so I can add these to my collection.... a bespoke clock for the price of a standard clock!