Classical Clock Collection.

Classical Clock Collection

If you are looking to buy a handmade Classical wall clock or mantle that has all the aesthetic qualities of proportion, elegance and artistic beauty that are associated with the classical style and sympathetically finished in a traditional, true to period,  gold or silver gilt finish then I think you'll appreciate these.

Click on any of the mantel or pendulum wall clocks that make up my Classical Clocks below or if you would like to consider alternative styles then you might like to visit my Gothic, Art Deco or Contemporary Clock Collections.

Small Sun Clock
Large Sun Clock
Small Round Clock
Medium Round Clock
Ornate Disk Clock
Large Round Clock
Small Column Pendulum Clock
Regency Classical Pendulum Clock
Palladian Column Pendulum Clock
Colonial Case Clock
Palladian Case Clock
Ornate Mantle Clock
Small Column Carriage Clock
Medium Column Carriage Clock
Small Rotunda Carriage Clock
Large Rotunda Pendulum Clock
Regency Mantle Clock
Palladian Column Mantle

I find the different wall or mantel clocks that make up my collection of Classical Clocks lend themselves to a specific paint or gilded finish but if you'd prefer them in a different finish then as hand made decorative clocks I can gild or paint them in the finish of your choice.

As small or large decorative wall or mantel clocks, my classical clocks make beautiful focal points in a room and with the quality of their hand made construction and finish; I am proud to say they are second to none and with a bit of care they will be the antiques of the future.