Decorative Mantel Clock Collection.

Decorative Mantle Clocks

Welcome to my extensive collection of decorative mantel clocks with styles ranging from my Gothic Mantle Clocks through to my Art Deco Mantle Clock and my Contemporary Mantle Clock Collections. To help you find the right decorative clock for you, I've arranged then according to their style with the decorative mantle clocks firsts and then the contemporary mantle clocks. Click on the mantel clocks you are interested in below to access the individual clocks within the collection.





Ornate Mantle Clock
Lantern Mantle Clock
Small Rotunda Carriage Clock
Small Column Carriage Clock
Medium Column Carriage Clock
Large Rotunda Pendulum Clock
Palladian Column Mantle
Deco Trophy Mantle Clock
Round Top Deco Mantel
Deco Crested Mantle Clock
Klimt Deco Mantle Clock
Regency Mantle Clock
The beauty of buying direct from a maker of hand made decorative mantle clocks is that you can get exactly what you want and at an affordable price.

The right style for your decorative mantel clock.

With over 20 years designing & making decorative mantle clocks I have build up an eclectic range of clock styles & designs covering the major decorative movements including ranges of Gothic mantel clocks, Palladian Mantle Clocks, Classical Mantle Clocks, Regency Mantle Clocks, Art Deco Clocks.

I'm always interested in adding new decorative mantle clock designs to my collection so if you are after a specific style or design of mantel clock then get in touch as it might be one to add to my collection.

The right finish for your decorative mantle clock.

I specialise in gilded leaf and paint finishes so I am able to cater for most tastes. Traditional gilded finishes have a timeless sophistication but they come in only two colours -gold and silver. This is fine if you only require a gold mantle clock or silver mantel clock so to overcome this limitation I have developed an exciting new range of ‘paint & leaf' and tarnished leaf finishes.