Pendulum Clocks.

Pendulum Clock Collection

If you are looking for a beautiful pendulum clock,  whether it's a pendulum wall clock or pendulum mantle clock, I think I'll have something for you. My collection of pendulum clocks is one of the finest in terms of its design and finishing and so it should be after a life time spent refining the collection and the meticulous care and attention that I take in making them. Their elegant styling and artistic gilded finishes make these pendulum clocks truly unique.
Don't take my word for it -click on any of the decorative pendulum clocks below and see if they're all I say they are.

Tiny Gothic Pendulum Clock
Little Gothic Pendulum Clock
Medium Gothic Pendulum Clock
Small Crown Pendulum
Small Column Pendulum Clock
Crown Column Pendulum
Palladian Column Pendulum Clock
Large Gothic Pendulum Clock
Chamberlain Case Clock
Palladian Case Clock
Gothic Case Clock
Large Rotunda Pendulum Clock
Palladian Column Mantle
Regency Mantle Clock
Regency Classical Pendulum Clock

The nice thing about my handmade pendulum clocks is that you can get the pendulum mantel clock or pendulum wall clock you want in terms of the style, finish & size. Even better, all my pendulum mantel clocks & pendulum wall clocks are designed & made by myself and you will be able to afford this level of craftsmanship & service as you are buying direct from the maker.

After 20 years designing & making decorative & contemporary pendulum clocks I have been able to build up an impressive range of clock styles & designs encompassing the major decorative movements including Gothic clocks, Palladian Clocks, Empire Clocks, Regency Clocks, Art Deco Clocks as well as historically inspired styles like Egyptian, Romanesque and Celtic. I'm always looking to add new designs to my Pendulum Clock Collection so if you are after a specificstyle or design of pendulum mantle clock or wall clock then get in touch as it might be one to add to my collection.