Decorative Wall Clocks Collection.

Decorative Wall Clocks in gilded and paint finishes

This definitive collection of handmade, decorative wall clocks takes it's inspiration from the major European decorative art movements. Styles range from the Gothic through to the Art Deco. Every detail, curve and flourish has been painstakingly designed and then lovingly fashioned and finished with all the precision and exacting skill and attention expected of a craftsman. The end result of this exacting process of refinement is a collection of decorative wall clocks second to none in terms of their design, styling and finishing.

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Small Round Clock
Medium Round Clock
Large Round Clock
Rose Disk Clock
Small Sun Clock
Large Sun Clock
Small Crown Pendulum
Tiny Gothic Pendulum Clock
Little Gothic Pendulum Clock
Medium Gothic Pendulum Clock
Crown Column Pendulum
Small Column Pendulum Clock
Palladian Column Pendulum Clock
Large Gothic Pendulum Clock
Colonial Case Clock
Chamberlain Case Clock
Palladian Case Clock
Gothic Case Clock
Deco Crested Wall Clock
Regency Classical Pendulum Clock

As a handmade artifact we can offer you exactly what you require. Whether you're looking for a pendulum or mantle clock we are confident we'll be able to offer you the right, style, quality, size and finish of your choice.

To enhance the styling our decorative clocks are hand finished in either a traditional gilded finish or one of our paint finishes -for a more contemporary look.

Traditional Gilded Clock Finishes

The appeal of a gilded finish is timeless and represents the ultimate in quality while faithfully reproducing those associated with the original antique clocks. We are one of the few workshops still employing traditional gilded techniques. If you are looking for a gilded clock we can offer the whole range of finishes;

  • 24 carat gold
  • antique gold
  • light silver leaf
  • tarnished silver
  • pewter

Decorative Paint and Leaf Finishes.

Combining gilding with paint finishes creates a synergy where by the two enhance each other. It can also be used to break up large expanse of gold or silver leaf which can be a bit too over powering or to pick out details and subtly accentuate the shape of a time piece.

Customisation or bespoke design option.

The simplest and quickest option is to choose an artifact from one of our existing collections. If you require a specific size or finish there is a second option which enables you to customiseone of our existing artifacts.

For the ultimate in exclusivity and customisation you can opt for our bespoke clock or mirror service and get the artefact of your dreams.

The right advice and reassurance to help you.

By working directly with us you can call on our knowledge and expertise to help guide you, as and where you wish, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.