Gothic Mirrors.

Gothic Mirror Collection

My Gothic mirrors are the finest there are in terms of their design, craftsmanship, finishing and the level of customisation they offer and by buying direct you won't find a better Gothic mirror. It's taken a life times work to refine my collection of Gothic Mirrors and to acquire the same traditional craft skills so I can faithfully reproduce the Gothic style mirrors of old. All this would not be possible if the final vital ingredient was missing -inspiration.  This comes from the work of Augustus Pugin and Charles Barry and the scope for expression that the Gothic style offers.
My Gothic mirrors are laid out below. Click on any of the Gothic style mirrors for the full information on the mirror.

Small Lambert Gothic Mirror
Small Crown Mirror
Small Fleur De Lis Mirror
Celtic Round Mirror
Gothic Quatrefoil Round Mirror
Round Gothic Mirror with Quatrefoil Roundel
Round Gothic Mirror with Fleur-de-lis Roundel
Pugin Gothic Round Mirror
Round Gothic Mirror with Beauty Script
Round Gothic Mirror with Temperance Script
Round Gothic Mirror with Lady of Shalott Script
Gothic Arched Mirror -with Spooned profile
 Gothic Arch Mirror
Ornate Gothic Arched Mirror
Pugin Gothic Arched Mirror
Large Gothic Overmantle Mirror
Gothic Dress Mirror
 Gothic Arch Window Mirror
Gothic Ogee Arched Overmantle
Rectangular Beauty Script Mirror
Three Centered Gothic Arch Mirror
Trefoil Mirror
Large Crown Overmantle
Ornate Stud Mirror
Rectangular Pugin Overmantle
Bevelled Pugin Overmantle
Arched Triptych Mirror
Ornate Arched Triptych Overmantle
Gothic Arched Arcade Mirror
Lancet Triptych Gothic Overmantle
Gothic Triptych Mirror
Romanesque Triptych Overmantel
Gothic Mirror Designs
Triptych Overmantle Designs

So if you're looking to buy a Gothic overmantle or mirror & like the look & quality of my Gothic style mirrors and their gilt mirror and paint finishes but can't quite find the exact Gothic mirror you desire then get in touch and let me know what you are after and I'd be delighted to consider working up designs & costings for you with a view to adding it to my Gothic Mirror Collection.... as I never tire of making and designing Gothic Mirrors or Overmantles.