The Inspiration behind the Decorative Collection.

My creative approach is a kin to that of the revivalism of the Arts and Crafts movement. Rather than simply recreate the past, I strive to distil the essence of the original styling to produce a piece that is truly original.


I like to draw on a diverse range of decorative art forms as the inspiration for my work… anything from the bold, dramatic lines of the Gothic, the classical elegance of the Empire style or the cleaner, more contemporary and angular simplicity of the Art Deco form. The result is a unique collection in which each piece possesses a distinct character all its own.  A truly eclectic, slightly eccentric collection for the truly wild at art.



Inspiration behind the Contemporary Collection.

As a decorative artist, it’s in one’s nature to experiment with the qualities of the medium you work in striving to discover new finishes and effects that will differentiate one’s work and offer new creative scope. Specialising in gilded finishes, I always felt constrained by the limited range of finishes the medium offered and its rather staid traditional image. Driven by the desire to overcome these restrictions my goal is to revitalise the art and to give it a fresh new contemporary look.


Imagine now, a finish that captures the iridescent beauty of a butterfly’s wing and offers a whole new spectrum of colours that stimulate the eye and fire the imagination. Unique reflective qualities cause the colour, tone and mood of the piece to subtly change according to the light and angle it is viewed from, constantly presenting new facets of the finish. Pure geometric forms allow the light to play off their angular surfaces enhancing their iridescent qualities.


Another appealing aspect of the finishes is that every time the processes are carried out subtle differences effect the final finish in terms of its patina and colouration -making each piece an original one off.


Finishes as complex and exciting as these could never be manufactured; they have to be conjured from a blend of alchemy and artistic inspiration. While the alchemists of old strove to create gold, I have taken base metals and discovered a vivid rainbow of magical colour.