Mantle Clock Collection.

Mantle Clock Colection

Welcome to my extensive collection of gilded mantle clocks with styles ranging from the Gothic through to Art Deco and the contemporary. To help you find the right mantle clock for you, I've laid them out below with the decorative mantle clocks firsts, Art Deco and then the contemporary mantles. Click on the mantel clocks you are interested in below for further information and detail.

Ornate Mantle Clock
Lantern Mantle Clock
Small Rotunda Carriage Clock
Small Column Carriage Clock
Medium Column Carriage Clock
Large Rotunda Pendulum Clock
Palladian Column Mantle
Deco Trophy Mantle Clock
Klimt Deco Mantle Clock
Round Top Deco Mantel
Deco Crested Mantle Clock
Deco Crested Mantle Clock
Mantle Clocks with Square Dials
Mantle Clocks with Large 12 Dial
Mantle Clocks with Round Tops & Dials