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Below are the most commonly asked questions broken down by product group. If you don't find the information you are looking for then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Simply click on Contact

 Construction and Finishing Questions:

 For any questions relating to the making and finishing of my work you should visit the How it's Made section of this site explaining and showing you what goes into making each piece.


  • Mechanisms are quartz battery movements that do not make an audible ticking sound. They are both reliable and accurate in keeping time and are tolerant of atmospheric conditions.
  • Unfortunately I am unable to fit conventional mechanisms in my clocks due to their size, transportation limitations and reliability.
  • Mechanism can be quickly and cheaply replaced should they fail at a later date giving your clock longevity and trouble free reliability.


  • Mirrors are supplied as standard with plain mirror.
  • Bevelled mirror can be inserted but I will have to quote for this change.
  • It is possible to supply my mirrors with Verre Eglomise mirror which is created by gilding the reverse side of clear glass -to give a softer reflection. Again I would have to quote for this type of mirror should you require it.
  • Mirrors are supplied with hangers.


  • The mirrors on my sconces are produced by gilding the reverse side of glass so that the reflected candle light is softened and diffused. This glass is called Verre Eglomise.
  • Candles are secured to the sconces candle dishes by impaling the candles on a needle that forms part of the candle dish. It is advised that you run sticky tape around the base of the candle before doing so in order to avoid the candle splitting.
  • It's recommended that you use a non drip candle -which are standard issue these days.

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