New Artefacts.

New Artefacts


One of the great appeals of my work is that it allows me to design and play with new finishes that become beautiful artefacts that excite me and enrich people's lives and hopefully with time and familiarity become cherished family possessions to be passed to generations to come. It's this thought that feeds my desire to design and create new and exciting artefacts and finishes.

As you'll see, if you visit my New Ideas section, not all these ideas go straight into production as they require some one to commission them but in this New Artefacts section you see the latest crop that have finally made it through to fruition.

 Another nice aspect of my job is that it gives me the opportunity to improve and refine my existing designs each time I'm asked to make an artefact again. This can range from a small detail change right up to a complete ‘head to toe' re-design. For this reason I include existing artefacts that have undergone major redesigns in my New Artefacts line up.

New Clocks
New Mirrors
 New Accessories