The order process will depend on the nature of the artefact you wish to purchase:

 Standard Artefacts:

These are the artefacts that do not require customisation and are not bespoke.

  • 1. Place your order via the website or over the phone.
  • 2. I will send an e-mail confirming receipt of your order and details of the artefact(s) you require and the expected delivery date.
  • 3. I will start work on your order once I have received your order confirmation stating that I have the right type, size and finish of the artefact you require and that you are happy with the delivery date.
  • 4. 48 hours prior to despatching your order I will send you an e-mail confirming you order is nearing completion and the proposed delivery date. If the date is not convenient then please notify us so I can arrange a suitable date.
  • 5. Your order will be despatched accordingly.

 Bespoke or Customised Artefacts:

The order process is slightly more complicated for these types of artefact in order to ensure you are satisfied with the finished piece:

  • 1. Contact me by phone or e-mail notifying me of the type of artefact you are interested in.
  • 2. I will establish the brief based on the requirements you stipulate and draw up designs and costings based on this brief.
  • 3. I will send the designs, finish samples and costings for your approval/comment.
  • 4. Once you are happy with the design, finish and estimate I will require you to e-mail me your approval to proceed and a deposit paid.
  • 5. I will proceed to make the piece once stage 4 is complete.
  • 6. A week prior to completion I will e-mail you to confirm the completion date and request the payment of the balance.
  • 7. Once payment has cleared your piece will be despatched.


The simplest & quickest way of paying for your order is via the website using my PayPal fascility. If this is not convenient for you then please contact me direct as it is possible to pay using electronic bank to bank payment (BACs) or other suitable means.