Large Overmantle Mirrors

Decorative Overmantle Mirror Collection

I make all my large overmantle mirrors and as handmade mirrors I can make them to your exact requirements in terms of their style, size, proportion and finish.  When buying a large overmantle mirror it's essential you get these requirements right as it will transform your overmantle mirror into something special -a stunning focal piece for your home. Like any  suit or dress you'd never consider making do with the wrong size or fit. Like a bespoke tailor, I will work with you to ensure your overmantle is the precise size and proportions you require. By buying direct this level of customisation is affordable so you can afford to get it right.

Click on any of my over mantle mirrors below for further detail and information.

Gothic Quatrefoil Round Mirror
Round Gothic Mirror with Quatrefoil Roundel
Pugin Gothic Round Mirror
Round Gothic Mirror with Beauty Script
Round Gothic Mirror with Temperance Script
Round Gothic Mirror with Lady of Shalott Script
Gothic Dress Mirror
Pugin Gothic Arched Mirror
Large Gothic Overmantle Mirror
Gothic Ogee Arched Overmantle
 Large Gothic Arched Mirror
Romanesque Mirror
Trefoil Mirror
Large Crown Overmantle
Classical Stud Mirror
Ornate Stud Mirror
Three Centered Gothic Arch Mirror
Rectangular Pugin Overmantle
Bevelled Pugin Overmantle
Plain Palladian Mirror
Palladian Mirror
Large Classical Decorative Mirror
Empire Overmantle
Arched Triptych Mirror
Ornate Arched Triptych Overmantle
Gothic Arched Arcade Mirror
Lancet Triptych Gothic Overmantle
Gothic Triptych Mirror
Art Deco Triptych Mirror
Art  Deco Triptych Mirror
Oval Liberty Art Deco Mirror
Crested Art Deco Wall Mirror
Chrysler Art Deco Wall Mirror
Sun Burst Deco Mirror
Ornate Art Deco Mirror
Art Deco Wall Mirror -fan detail
 Plain Art Deco Winged Wall Mirror
Ornate Winged  Art Deco Mirrors
Klimt Mirror
Fluted Corner Art Deco Wall Mirrors
Romanesque Triptych Overmantel
New Mirror Designs

Antique Mirror Styling

For a unifying stylistic theme our Decorative Mirror Collection has been inspired by the major decorative art movements. Their timeless appeal can add a note of Gothic drama or classical elegance to a room. In addition to the Gothic and Classical styles you can consider Palladian, Regency mirror styles.

To enhance the styling our decorative mirrors are hand finished in either a traditional gilded finish or one of our paint finishes should you require a more contemporary look.

Traditional Gilded Clock Finishes

The appeal of a gilded finish is timeless and is the ultimate in quality and faithfully reproduces those of antique clocks. We are one of a handful of workshops still employing traditional gilded techniques. So if you are looking for a gold clock we can offer the whole range of finishes; 24 carat gold, gold metal leaf and antique gold. Our silver clock finishes include; light silver leaf, tarnished silver and pewter.

Decorative Paint and Leaf Finishes

Combining gilding with paint finishes creates a synergy where by one enhances the other. It can also be used to break up large expanse gold or silver leaf which can be a bit too over powering or to pick out details or subtly accentuate the shape of a time piece.