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My Wall Clocks Collection has something for everyone from contemporary large wall clocks to a small decorative wall clock.  To help you find the right wall clock for you I've divided my large Wall Clock Collection into - Decorative Clocks and Contemporary Clocks. Click on the type of clock you are interested in below to see the different clock designs, gilded clock finishes dimension & prices.

Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks
Mantle Clocks

In addition to the all too obvious price advantage of buying direct from the maker by offering my wall clocks for sale over the internet I am able to offer the finest handmade decorative wall clocks at an extremely favourable price while maintaining the designer quality and customisation of a bespoke clock. Unlike the High Street you won’t have to settle for size and finish they have in stock and I can give you exactly what you want in terms of:
• the wide range of decorative styles to choose from.
• the customisation to adjust the wall clock design to meet your size & finish requirements.
• the necessary advice to help ensure you get the wall clock that’ right for you.